Our founder dog 100% Chinook.

Myka is the typical Chinook.  She loves all people, but it’s obvious that her owners are the most important thing in her life.  She loves to run and play especially with her sister Keelie.

Myka is smart and eager to please.  Myka is AKC and UKC registered.  At 6 months Myka achieved her Cainine Good Citizen certificate.


Keelie is a very sweet soul.  She also loves people and her sister, but is happy to play by herself.  Unlike her sister, she can be vocal when she sees things she wants like food or playmates.

Keelie is a member of both the Chinook Breed Conservation Program and the Bernese Vitality Project.  Both breeds suffer from low genetic diversity.  Future Chinook and BMD litters will bring better health and diversity to both pedigrees.

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Myka and Koda
First Puppy Born
White Chinooks are rare
Sister Keelie is Helping Moma
Sleep Time
Puppy Pile
Grandchildren visit
Outside Time
More Outside Time
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Happy Birthday
Just the right size
After 6 puppies Myka take a break
3 Weeks Old
Willie week 5
Kitty out numbered
Garth gets comfy
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