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We are not planning any litters soon.

Dedicated to ethical breeding standards and the conservation of the Chinook breed.

Chinooks, historic working dogs, are the ultimate family dog. They are sweet natured, smart, and athletic. If you like family hikes, urban mushing, or just a dog who loves to snuggle with you on the couch, no better breed can be found.

Not a natural guard dog, they love everyone. Chinooks are playful and good around children. They are gentle and eager to please. To know a chinook is to love a chinook.

Chinooks are a rare breed. There is approximately 1000 chinooks alive today. In 2018, Myka’s birth year, there were only 59 puppies born.

We are looking for special people who want a special dog in their lives. People who are willing to keep their puppy intact sexually and help us save this breed are always given priority.

Our founder dog is named Desert Sol Myka. Myka is AKC and UKC registered full blood Chinook. Myka’s first litter was born on 19 Feb 2022.

Our second dog is named Desert Sol Keelie. With a rare breed like the Chinook, genetic diversity is always an issue. In conjunction with the Chinook Owners Association and the UKC, the Chinook Breed Conservation Program was established to infuse the Chinook Pedigree with a few select individual dogs from complimentary breeds. Keelie is part of this program. She is 1st generation mix with an AKC Champion Bernese Mountain Dog. She is also a part of the Bernese Mountain Dog Vitality Program whose goal is improve the health and sustainability of that breed.

Myka at the POOL

Reba gets teeth

Myka and Koda
First Puppy Born
White Chinooks are rare
Sister Keelie is Helping Moma
Sleep Time
Puppy Pile
Grandchildren visit
Outside Time
More Outside Time
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Happy Birthday
Just the right size
After 6 puppies Myka take a break
3 Weeks Old
Willie week 5
Kitty out numbered
Garth gets comfy
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